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security scare this morning. still trying to find out what brought police to the dulles airport. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we're also talking about what could go down as the play of the year in the nfl and not in a good way. >> seahawks win in the most bizarre finish you'll ever see! >> sometimes the announcers really get it right. bizarre indeed. monday night football turned into a monday night fiasco. one coach says he's never seen anything like it. in the next half hour, players throwing around words we can't put on tv. and one law maker who may have let his emotions get the best of him as well. >> bizarre could be mild compared to what some are saying. 6:00 a.m. it is chilly out there. 57 degrees and cooler spots throughout the region. aaron turned on the heat. that's okay, aaron. >> it was one of those days. >> i probably should have turned on the heat too. with the fact i have to go
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outside at 6:30, maybe some of that warmth would still be with me. the next couple of mornings are going to be easier to take. we're going to see temperatures coming up not just for the afternoon but for the next couple of mornings. we're at 54 degrees at reagan national. the wind light. it's at 3 miles per hour. a southerly wind for today. that's going to take our temperatures into the mid-70s, giving us more seasonable conditions for this tuesday. but take a look. we're talking about some of the areas north and west of town that are in the low 40s. culpeper, 41 around frederick, maryland. and mt. airy. 43 leesburg and sterling and warrenton. 46 right now down south around la plata and waldorf, maryland. some clouds coming into our area, but not until tomorrow where we get the mostly cloudy sky. for today, first part of your day, nothing but sunshine and cool conditions. big range in temperatures, 47 to
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56 degrees right in town. by lunchtime today it's going to be pretty nice. 67 to 70 degrees. more seasonal conditions. and then in the afternoon, for the afternoon commute, partly sunny, nice and milder. getting up to a high temperature today from 72 to 76 degrees. i'll have a look at your for four-day forecast in a few. >> now at bw parkway at landover road. have an accident. luckily, it's now moved to the right shoulder lane. police on the scene. you are seeing some volume as cars slow down to make their way past theaccident. again, the accident is in your shoulder lane. talk about delays. usual suspects, i-95 in virginia. fairfax county parkway, heavy on the brakes in this area. delays start at lorton. pretty slow as you head to springfield parkway. let's head over to i-270, slow out of frederick. making your way southbound, pretty sluggish out of 109. those areas look fine right now,
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but it's starting to heat up as you make your way over to the end. back over to you. police say they found nothing out of the ordinary after someone called in a bomb threat last night. officers focus their search on two daily parking garages. several flights were also delayed because passengers had to wait to board their flights. the airport's authority says no flights were evacuated because of the threat, but one traveler tells news 4 he and other passengers had to get off their plane, which was heading to chicago. new this morning, montgomery county police searching for the person who stabbed a man on mills choice road. we're told the victim was stabbed several times in the chest and neck. he was taken to the hospital. his name and condition have not been released at this point, and police have not released a motive. >> we have new information into a home invasion that left one intruder dead, the second intruder is now in custody. two men tried to rob a 52-year-old at his apartment in southeast washington last pe wednesday. the washington post reports the
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victim managed to grab one gun and fired at intruders. police arrested 21-year-old jaren holly on saturday. he is charged with burglary while armed. he remains in custody until his next court hearing next month. tiran's president is strikig out at the west. president mahmoud ahmadinejad known for his inflammatory remarks addressed the u.n. general assembly yesterday. he accused the u.s. of shielding israel's fake regime. and criticized the u.s. for failing to speak out against the anti-islam video. and he defended his country's nuclear program, saying it is for peaceful purposes and he's not worried about threats from western powers. this morning president obama will speak to the united nations general assembly. this is video from two years ago. the white house says the president will discuss several foreign policy issues, including violent protests in the middle
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east. mitt romney is criticizing the president for referring to that violence as, quote, bumps in the road on the path to peace. suggesting the president is downplaying the crisis. meanwhile, romney is campaigning in ohio today and tomorrow. his bus tour through the buckeye state will focus on energy and trade. romney spent yesterday in another battleground state, colorado. ohio may be key to his white house hopes. no republican has lost there and won that election. he'll campaign alongside running mate paul ryan in ohio. joe biden is in virginia today. and president obama will visit virginia beach on thursday. the only states visited more are florida and ohio. a student-athlete in fauquier county is being remembered this morning after being killed on his way to l skoo. family and friends held a roadside vigil for 16-year-old
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ian heflin last night. he died when his car slammed into a tree. his 14-year-old sister was also seriously injured. the 17-year-old driver was not hurt and has not been identified. all three were on their way to liberty high school in bealeton. friends hope the crash teaches every family an important lesson. >> it's a tragedy because your kids walk out the door and they have a driver's license and you can tell them all you want you need to be careful. when you're driving, not only is it you in the car, but it's other people's children, and you need to -- it's hard. you know, hard on anybody to have to go through this. >> it is a second car accent in as many years to claim the life of students at liberty high. three students died in a crash last year. students who got sick at billou high school in southeast d.c. may have been allergic to apples. three teenagers were taken to the hospital with nausea and stomach pains. they'd all eaten apples brought in from a teacher from a family
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farm. the department tested the apples but didn't find anything wrong with them. the health department believes the students may have been allergic to the apples or some of the pesticides put on it. why some are getting together to fight obesity.
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[ crying ] should have warned people
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that was coming, the crying baby. the force apparently strong with this one. this youtube viral video shows a 4-month-old crying and then instantly stopping once the star wars theme song is played. the parents discovered this by accident in their car one day, and apparently, it works every single time and even quiets the baby. >> if only i'd known. we tried everything. hair dryer, the bathroom fan works sometimes, the running water. >> you never know. >> whatever it takes. >> 6:11. time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson with a cool start. hoping it warms up soon, veronica. >> it will warm up. by the time we get to 9:00 a.m., we're going to be getting in the 60s. we've got 30s, 40s, and 50s on the temperature map. 30s out west. cumberland, maryland. petersbu petersburg, west virginia. 37 degrees. 54 in d.c. 40s damascus, and gaithersburg at 45. herndon coming in currently at 43 degrees. that is your hometown forecast.
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push it close to 60. by 9:00 and 10:00 a.m., sunsh e sunshine. we'll pick up a few clouds this afternoon. herndon, virginia, at 1:00 this afternoon. a high today of 76 degrees. take a look at your seven day forecast at 6:21. right now first 4 traffic with danella sealock. >> chopper 4 is over 50 in maryland. here's the situation. you're jammed from landover road as you make your way closer to 295. >> chopper 4 heading in so check this out. slow on the brakes as you make your way from landover road to the 295. rails seeing some delays because of the earlier csx train malfunction in that area. i'm back in ten minutes, and we'll talk details. 6:12. 56 degrees. high schoolers make a viral video about food. why they have a bone to pick about the first lady.
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melissa mollet live at the news desk. talking about the recent violence in the situation in libya and iran. in libya, here are some of the president's remarks. the attacks of the last two weeks are not simply an assault on america. they are also an assault on the very ideals on which the united nations was founded. there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. there is no video that justifies an attack on the embassy. he'll also talk about iran and
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talk about how a nuclear iran triggers an arms race for the region. and he'll talk about what the u.s. will do to prevent the country from obtaining a nuclear weapon. new video from the taliban this morning they say shows militants getting ready for a deadly attack on a nato base earlier this month. 15 insurgents dressed in u.s. army uniforms broke into camp basti bastion, killed two marines, and destroyed six fighter planes. the video shows the militants practicing cutting through a fence and going over the attack in front of a white board. nbc news has not been able to independently verify the content of this video. the u.s. and egypt are trying to repair relations after several attacks on the u.s. embassy in cairo. secretary of state hillary clinton and egyptian president mohamed morsi met in new york last night after the first high level meeting since the attacks. the two discussed the importance of defending u.s. diplomatic offices and morsi promised to take responsibility for their security. some have criticized morsi for what they view as a slow
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response after the attacks. both clinton and morsi are in new york for the u.n. general assembly. new this morning, 20 coal miners were killed in china when a steel cable pulling two carriages snapped. 30 coal miners were riding inside the carriages at the time of the accident. china has the world's deadliest coal mining industry. almost 2,000 coal miners died in that country last year. more peanut butter is being recalled this morning after a salmonella outbreak. sunland incorporated makes peanut butter for trader joe's and several other grocery stores. the company recalled seven types of peanut butter. the company expanded the recall because many are made on the same equipment. today the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff richard myers will join other military leaders to release a new report on childhood obesity that says it is not only a health crisis but a national security issue. the group called mission readiness will release the study
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called still too fat to fight. they say 25% of americans between 17 and 24 cannot serve in the military because they're overweight. the group wants schools to remove junk food from campuses. some students may be too fat to fight, but others say they're hungry. students of one kansas high school say first lady michelle obama's recommended school lunch calories is leaving them hungry. ♪ i need to get some food today ♪ ♪ my friends are at the corner store getting junk so they don't waste away ♪ >> some students posted this video on youtube. mrs. obama pushed for an 850 calorie count meal during school lunch, but the high school students say that's not enough for growing teenagers and those who play sports. congress mandated the new calorie count restrictioned in the healthy hunger free kids act of 2010. teenage girls in new york city will soon be able to get the plan "b" emergency contraception pill at their high schools and without their parents' consent. it's often referred to as the morning after pill. the city's department of
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education says girls as young as 14 will be able to get it as part of a pilot program at 13 public schools. parents have been notified about the pilot program and how their daughters can opt out of it. the city says it supports the idea because about 7,000 girls get pregnant by the time they're 17. new york city schools already distribute free condoms to students. today is todd akin's last chance to withdraw from the race for senate in missouri. the republican congressman is vowing to continue on in his campaign. gop leaders have asked him to pull out of the race after he angered millions of people about mments about pregnancies caused by rape. akin is looking to defeat incumbent claire mcaskill. she's ahead in most polls. the navy will honor the late astronaut neil armstrong by naming a research vessel in his honor. it is under construction in washington state. armstrong died last month. his wife carol will serve as
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sponsor for theship scheduled to be completed in 2014. a wildfire in southern california is now deadly. firefighters found the body of a man burned in his home in southern california. they say he ignored orders to evacuate. neighbors say the man was 82 years old and only had one leg. the firefighter destroyed 300 homes. check out the picture of the northern lights, the aurora borealis. these photos were taken a couple of days ago in canada. these are the best time of year to see the northern lights. can you imagine seeing them in person? 6:21 is our time. see the picture behind us, also pretty awesome. not quite that good, but not bad to look at. a sign of things to come in terms of warming up, veronica? >> a nice glow behind you. we've got a mostly clear sky this morning. twilight sunrise this morning, 6:59. it's going to be a fantastic day today. at the end of the week, we're talking about rain showers. bus stop this morning, 48 to 55
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degrees. mostly clear. chilly conditions, though, a little bit of a bundle up kind of morning. that's for sure. sykesville, maryland. arlington, virginia, at 54. fredericksburg, virginia, at 47 degrees right now. as far as today goes, high pressure still with us. it's going to start moving eastward, and we're going to start watching a weather front up to the north make its way down and get a little closer. for today, sunshine early and then a few clouds late. we'll be turning over to a partly sunny sky. here a stop it at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see the little globs of green. that's a chance for sprinkles around our area early tomorrow morning. probably after midnight. and then a chance for a few showers, maybe a thunder shower coming our way maybe late tomorrow, i think after sunset. here's a look for the forecast. for the afternoon turning partly sunny. milder, 72 to 76 degrees. for your evening, we'll have a few clouds around as well. 60 to 67 degrees with that lighter southwest wind.
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"day planner" forecast, jacket required indeed as we take a look. next couple of days, 83 for tomorrow. our warmest day out of the work week, a few showers again for thursday and friday. i'm headed outside right now. danella sealock has traffic. what's going on? got a view from chopper 4. here's what we're facing. traveling inbound route 50. this is new york avenue now. just at south dakota. a crash has been moved to your right shoulder lane here. let's talk about delays on 50. you're really, really slow. starting to hit the brakes, heavy as you make your way past 410. straight solid delays as you connect to new york avenue. over to the rails as we've been talking about this morning. the earlier equipment problem on the csx train is affecting the fredericksburg line of the vre. trains number 300 and 302 looking at a 20-minute delay. a 10-minute delay on fredericksburg line number 304. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. a major city considering allowing the smallest living space in the nation. how much room you get in a
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micro-apartment. and the very
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no matter the season, i still get dry skin. introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond.
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don't get in the way of a businessman and his taxicab. these men decked out in suits getting into a scuffle over a cab in manhattan. the guy getting out of the cab appears to try to stop the fight. one man almost wound up in a head lock. not a fight, that's a strong word. kind of a pushing, shoving match going there. the guy who loses the taxi gets in a parting shot and then slams the door. these two guys haven't been identified yet. >> there are other cabs in new york, you know. >> get another one. san francisco may soon give new meaning to the word downsizing. today supervisors are set to vote on a proposed change to the city's building code that would allow construction of the tiniest apartments in the country. under the plan, the apartments could be as small as 220 square feet. that includes a kitchen, bathroom, and closet. schematics for the
6:27 am
300-square-foot units include a window seat that turn into spare beds and beds that turn into tables. you just have to eat breakfast in bed all the time. the microunits are expected to rent for $1,200 to $1,500 a month. see, in san francisco, real estate is expensive. >> i feel like i've been in that apartment in new york. >> these are even smaller than that. 6:27 is the time. a shortage that could change breakfast plans around the world. who has it? who did they give it to? one guy goes up, touchdown. the other said no time. >> the football play that made twitter explode. why one law maker may have let his pigskin pride get the best of him.
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the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires.
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doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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tate is jennings simultaneous. b who do they give it to? >> an nfl game ends in one of the strangest ways possible. this morning if you haven't heard the term replacement ref before, you certainly will. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> the play that's the talk of the week. first, temperatures change overnight. some of you flirting with 30s already. it is september. >> veronica johnson drew the short straw, and she's out on the storm team 4 weather deck to tell us about the chill. >> that's right. at least the wind isn't blowing this morning. it's definitely chilly out here. i've got on the sweater to help me cope. 54 is our temperature right now at reagan national. some other numbers for you too
6:32 am
around anacostia and berry farms, 54 degrees. ourselfly chilly around chantilly and centerville. clinton, maryland, 47 degrees your current reading. georgetown and potomac at 45 degrees, just up to our north. at the bus stop, around 7:00, 8:00 a.m., a mostly clear sky. it's actually quite lovely. jacket cool, yes, indeed. 47 to 50 degrees. by the afternoon, we'll max out at 76 degrees. starting out cooler than yesterday. a little warmer by the afternoon. let's get a look at traffic now. first 4 traffic with danella sealock. veronica, i'm still keeping my eye on the delays along route 50. here's a live look from chopper 4. your slow as you make your way past really the beltway. here it is here. steady delays to new york avenue. let's head over to an accident. this time outer loop just at new hampshire avenue. this crash here is blocking the right lane and causing delays.
6:33 am
you can see heavy on the brakes as you make your way on the outer loop of the beltway. stick to the left, and you get by that accident. also seeing delays on 395. the good news is right now as you make your way northbound, your slow from edsall just past duke. so far past duke, it is kind of sluggish. it's not terrible. you're not jammed, and it's not heavy delays just yet. the hard part is from the beltway all the way to duke. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. football fallout, replacement referees from the nfl on the hot seat after a controversial call even they couldn't agree on. >> you see the one guy go up, touchdown, and the other one go out like it's a pick. >> here's how we got it to that point. with just eight seconds left, seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson throws a hail mary up in the air. it appears the ball was intercepted by green bay, but when the players come down, one referee signals touchdown, the other an interception.
6:34 am
ultimately, the six points and the win are awarded to seattle. it the a call that has announcers, players, fans, everybody scratching their heads. >> how does he not get credit for the interception. i have no idea. >> i've never seen anything like it in all my years of football. >> just look at the replay and the fact that it was reviewed, it's awful. that's all i'm going to say about it. >> that awful call has ignited a firestorm online. several packers players took out their frustrations on twitter. wide receiver greg jennings said, all i can do is laugh. laugh at the nfl for allowing america's game to come to this. linebacker desmond moses tweeted that he was staying off of twitter for his own good, and even rg3 got in on the tweeting act, simply, "speechless after that." >> a congressman took it one
6:35 am
step further. you gave out commissioner roger goodell's phone number. and he said, if they don't bring back the regular officials, this season will be a joke. this is what it's being called with a lot of outraged fans. every single game, it seems like the replacement refs are not in control of what's going on. everything is taking longer. it's crazy to watch. >> i'm all on board with putting that phone number out there. >> call roger goodell. call the commissioner. >> we can sit here and complain about it. call the commissioner and say, you know what, get this stuff together. a lot of people not happy about what's going on. this morning the 15-year-old girl hit by a montgomery county police cruiser is improving. janaya richards was run over last friday. police were responding to a series of fights that broke out after a football game at watkins mill high school in gaithersburg. richards has a broken pelvic bone and can't walk. >> a happy go lucky 15-year-old. i just want my girl back, and i want her back at home making us laugh. >> janaya's mother says it will
6:36 am
take months for her daughter to make a full recovery. in the meantime, montgomery county police are investigating the incident. the officer who hit richards is on administrative leave. tomorrow prince george's county police are hold a public meeting about the murder of an honors student. 18-year-old markelle ross was shot and killed while walking to central high school in capitol heights earlier this month. police are offering up $25,000 for information that leads to not aarrest. the fight between taxis and the private car service uber. taxi drivers complain that uber is taking business away from them and it doesn't have to follow the same rules. uber's owner claims some d.c. council members want too much regulation, which could shut down the service. the taxi commission is also revealing uber's operation, but it could be months before there are any changes. some of the most popular travel sites on the web could
6:37 am
owe the district millions in back taxes. sites like expedia, orbitz, price line, and travelocity have only been handing over taxes on the wholesale price of a hotel room. but a d.c. judge has ruled they owe taxes on the higher retail price it has charged to customers, and that means the city could collect up to $10 million in back taxes from the sites. a trade group for the travel company says that decision is n incorre incorrect. and they will likely appeal. 6:37 is our time right now. dozen of tires slashes, but the guy who did it was only targeting certain people. also, a late night security sweep. what brought police out to a local airport.
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we might run out of bacon. the national pig association in britain warns there could be a worldwide pork shortage next year. that means your pork chops, your bacon, all of that stuff could be hard to find. the industry group says pork producers had to cut down on herds because of soaring feed prices compared to drought conditions. however, this is our saving grace. the u.s. department of agriculture reports a record pork supply at u.s. warehouses just last month. there is a stockpile of pork somewhere. >> all right. >> to make sure. some smothered pork chops. that might be dinner tonight. replacement refs, aaron can handle. take away his bacon. another story. >> 6:41 is our time. i hope they're making bacon right now in the cafeteria. live look outside as we look at temperatures in the 50s outside our studios. veronica johnson, what does everybody else have to deal with? >> bacon, i don't know. you guys have been talking about it all morning. everyone else having to deal with temperatures in the low and mid-40s.
6:42 am
look at areas to the north like leesburg right now. 43 degrees currently. in montgomery county only. colesville at 46. su suitland in oxon hill, 47. great falls, virginia. crownsville, maryland, 51 degrees, our hometown forecast. a few clouds coming through. the early part of our day, we're going to see the most sunshine. 10:00 a.m., 64. 71 by 1:00. your high temperature today 76 degrees. 83 for tomorrow with a little rain later in the week. let's hit the roads with danella sealock. >> hey, veronica. chopper 4 now over the beltway. this time outer loop i-95 in maryland. still seeing heavy delays because, remember, i put up the accident at new hampshire avenue just a moment ago. it was blocking the right lane. that accident now gone. the outer loop still seeing delays as you approach i-95. let's head over to talk about other delays.
6:43 am
i-95 in virginia checking travel speeds. slow in lorton. 24 minuteso get from prince william parkway to the beltway. let's head over to i-66, heavy on the brakes at fairfax parkway. this is a little more volume a moment ago when i checked the camera. travel speeds, 36 miles per hour. 16 minutes to get from fairfax county parkway to the capitol beltway. 17 past the hour. things are back to normal at dulles airport. several flights were delayed last night because somebody called in a bomb threat. police appeared to focus their search on two daily parking garages. they didn't find anything out of the ordinary, though. inside the terminal, passengers had to wait to board flights. one man already on board a flight to chicago says he and the other passengers had to get off the plane. the airport authority said there were no evacuations of this flight or any others. customs officers seized drugs for the third time in a week.
6:44 am
a traveler fl el salvador tried to smuggle six pounds of cocaine in packages of sugar and soup mix. someone stole a u.s. flag at the virginia war memorial in richmond. now there's a flag flying this morning. a former soldier donated the new flag to the memorial yesterday. police are trying to figure out who stole the old flag early sunday morning. a memorial spokesperson says he believes it took several people to cut the rope and hold the flag on its pole. there is a surveillance camera at the memorial, but it was not pointed at the flags at the time of the crime. new this morning, montgomery county police searching for the person who stabbed a man on mills choice road. we're told the victim was stabbed multiple times in the chest and neck. he was taken to the hospital. his name and condition have not been released this morning. police have not released a motive either. also new this morning, we are learning that police arrested a second intruder in a home invasion that left the other robber dead.
6:45 am
two men tried to rob a 52-year-old at his apartment in southwest washington on tuesday. they report the would be victim managed to grab one of the robber's guns and open fire at the intruders. joel johnson was killed. he was one of four men charged with the murder of d.c. principal brian betts in 2010. police arrested jaren holly on saturday. he was charged with burglary while armed. he remains in custody until his next court hearing next month. montgomery county police and prosecutors are getting top honors for their work convicting a serial tire slasher of a hate crime. steven armstrong targeted latinos in his wheaton neighborhood over a four-year period. they say he slashed the tires of 20 latino families. armstrong was convicteded of a hate crime, spent a year in jail, and was forced to move out of the neighborhood. yesterday the anti-defamation league honored the montgomery county police department and prosecutors with its shield award. >> he was aggravated by the
6:46 am
immigration into his city. that's what fueled it. he was hateful. >> montgomery county says, if you are the victim of a hate crime, your immigration status will not be questioned. mikechael brown's former campaign treasurer is making allegations against his former boss. he says brown told him to take money from his campaign account and hide it. he wanted sutton to keep the money as part of his salary but wanted to make it look like he had more money in the bank and that could scare off potential political opponents. brown accuses sutton of stealing the campaign funds. a popular student-athlete killed in a car crash on his way to school. family and friends held the roadside vigil for ian heflin last night. he died friday morning when the car he was riding in smashed into a tree. his 14-year-old sister was also hurt. the 17-year-old who was driving
6:47 am
was not hurt. he has not been identified. >> it's a tragedy because your kids walk out the door and they have a driver's license, and you can tell them all you want you need to be careful. when you're driving, not only is it you in the car, but it's other people's children. and it's hard, hard on anybody to have to go through this. >> this is the second car accident in as many years to claim the life of students at liberty high school. three students died in a crash last year. students became sick at billou high school in southwest washington may have been allergic to apples. three kids taken to the hospital with nausea and stomach pains. the teacher brought in the apples from a family farm and gave them to the students. the health department tested the apples but did not find anything wrong with them. they believe the students may have been allergic to apples or the pesticide used on them. more peanut butter being recalled after a salmonella outbreak. sunland incorporated recalled the peanut butter that was being
6:48 am
sold at trader joe's and several other grocery stores. the company recalled 76 types of peanut butter after trader joe's brand was linked to the outbreak. so far 29 salmonella cases in 18 states, including maryland and virginia. the company expanded the recall because many of the products are made on the same equipment. one of the hottest toys at toys 'r us for the upcoming holiday'shoing se holiday'shopping season is the subject of a court fight. cnbc's bertha coombs with more. >> good morning, eun. it seems you can't develop a technology these days without somebody getting sued saying, hey, we developed it first. toys 'r us on the hot seat being sued by toy technology developer fuhu. it accuses toys 'r us for stealing secrets for the new android tablet for kids. the retailer revealed plans to sell the tablet called the tabio for children. fuhu says it closely resembles
6:49 am
its own device called the knobby. both products are wi-fi enabled and have a soft protective frame around them. meantime, toys 'r us is getting ready for the holidays full-time. they announced plans to hire 45,000 holiday workers this holiday season. apple is involved in a massive patent lawsuit. still they sold a bunch of iphone 5s. you may have heard about that. apple announced the iphone 5 sold out. more than 5 million phones picked up the first three days of the sale over the weekend. that compares to 4 million iphone 4s units sold during its premiere weekend last year. some analysts are worried. they thought there would be bigger numbers. some expected them to sell 8 million or more of the new device. apple shares actually down 1% yesterday after they made the announcement. one of the things that people said a lot of the preordered phones haven't yet arrived, like mine, for example. my carrier, you know who you
6:50 am
are. i don't even have a delivery date yet, and i ordered it on the 15th. >> something tells me you're going to get it soon, though. >> i sure hope so. there's not even a tracking number. it just sort of says, yeah, it's in the system. that's it. >> let us know how you like it. thanks, bertha coombs. take care. the chinese company that makes apple's i phones is back up and running this morning. foxconn technology group had to shut down production after a brawl involving 2,000 employees that erupted sunday in the dormitory in a factory in northern china. workers claim it began when a security guard hit an employee during what's being called a personal dispute. 40 people were hurt. >> apparently there's some kinks they're trying to work out with the new i phones. apparently, there's a map issue with the google map, whatever was on there before, is not the same. it's been giving bad directions and getting people lost. i've read that.
6:51 am
work the kinks out. then maybe i'll try to get one. >> i like my little google map app. >> droid. >> you're going with the droid? >> i'm okay. why not? >> no problem. >> no problems whatsoever. >> how about the forecast? no problems there either? >> no problems there either although it's taken me 30 minutes to get my hands a little warmer. i was outside at 6:21. we're talking about low temperatures throughout our area in the 40s and low 50s. brookville, maryland, at 42 degrees. we're at 53, se verna park, maryland. chantilly, virginia, at 49 degrees. quantico, virginia, down south at 56 degds. school bus forecast. you saw a big range of temperatures throughout the area. that's the same deal at the bus stop. 48 to 55 degrees. chilly conditions. so jacket, light coat in order for this morning. here's a look at futurecast. you can see clouds will be pushing into our area today, going from a mostly sunny sky to a partly sunny sky by 2:00 and
6:52 am
3:00 today. that's when we're going to see the warmest temperatures, getting up to 75 to 76 degrees. then for the overnight period with the next weather system coming in, i'm expecting a few sprinkles. so we'll be mostly cloudy for tomorrow morning. and then we could get a few breaks in the cloud cover with a few more showers, just showers coming our way for tomorrow afternoon. i think most of that will be late in the day tomorrow, about 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow. this afternoon, your forecast. 72 to 76 degrees. turning partly sunny. milder conditions with a southwest wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and then for the evening hours, a few clouds still left around the area from partly sunny to partly cloudy. getting chilly as temperatures drop from the upper 60s to right around 60 degss. degrees. evening planner forecast, jacket by 10:00 p.m. mostly cloudy by 12:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. a look at the seven-day forecast. 83 the high for tomorrow. 76 on thursday.
6:53 am
yes, rain chances go up for wednesday, thursday, friday. even saturday right now, half of our weekend, we could see a few showers. danella? veronica, right now still seeing delays in our area because of earlier accidents. slow 295. bw parkway really from the beltway, your delays continue to kenilworth avenue. 17 miles per hour, just past the beltway, sluggish. route 50 an earlier accident there. it's clear, but you're slow. here they go. as you head inbound at the beltway, that's when you're starting to hit the brakes. then even slower as you make your way to new york avenue. you're at 22 miles per hour. now, this time let's head over to i-270. sluggish in this area as well. really making the trip from gaithersburg to rockville. steady delays. no accident southbound. 6:53 now. amtrak trains will be breaking the speed limit up and down the northeast. the rail service is running high speed tests during overnight hours on four stretches of track. that's including the route between perryville, maryland,
6:54 am
and wilmington, delaware. the trains will run at 165 miles per hour, matching the u.s. rail speed record. the testing is part of a $450 million project to upgrade rail systems for future high speed rail. president obama will be in new york today. he'll address the united nations general assembly. this video is from two years ago when he last spoke before the international body. the white house says the president will discuss several foreign policy issues, including violent protests in the middle east. here's an excerpt from his prepared remarks just released. the attacks on the last two weeks are not simply an assault on america, they're also an assault on the very ideals on which the united states was fou founded. the president will say we must do what we can to stop iran getting nuclear weapons. mitt romney is criticizing the president over comments he made about the protest in the middle east on "60 minutes." the republican presidential nominee says the president is down playing the violence when
6:55 am
he described the protests as, quote, road bumps on the path to peace in the region. romney will campaign today and tomorrow in ohio. . democrats are turning their attention to a different battleground state this week, virginia. vice president joe biden will campaign in the commonwealth today. he'll be campaigning in chesterfield county, virginia. president obama will visit virginia beach on thursday. billionaire developer and reality tv star donald trump gave surprising and unexpected advice to students at a conservative bible-based school in leesburg, virginia. he told students at liberty university to get even if someone wrongs them in business. that was met with silence since the school counciled students to follow the teaches of jesus and turn the other cheek. trump also said everyone should sign a prenuptial agreement. then he took that back saying, quote, you people don't get divorced, right? trump had waived his usual speaking fee to speak at the university. >> let's get to the forecast,
6:56 am
shall we? out the door with miss veronica. >> we're going to be warming up and warming up nicely today. especially by noontime today. temperatures will be pushing about 70 degrees. high today, 76. nice today. we're talking about a few showers for the rest of the work week, though. wednesday, thursday, and friday. danella? >> well, southbound colesville road, a live look at lockwood drive, heavy on the brakes. aaron and eun? >> thank you, veronica. danella, veronica, everybody. i appreciate all of you. that's what i'm trying to say here. and you as well. thanks for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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